Arctic Fox

Arctic Foxes

The Little Snow Fox

This pretty little fox, known as the Arctic Fox or Snow Fox, inhabits regions of the coldest climate on the earth.

His beautiful fur changes colors with the seasons.  In winter, his fur is white, which is a wonderful camouflage in the snow.   In summer, his fur changes to brown and blends in with his surroundings.  I find this fascinating!

And just look at that sweet face.  Doesn't he make you want to reach out and pet him?

The Arctic Fox

Not only does the Arctic Fox have coloring changing fur, but he also has thickly haired foot pads, which insulate against the cold and provide traction on ice.  I personally love his fluffy tail which he uses to cover his face in the cold.

As you can well imagine, the Arctic Fox is an extremely adaptive creature.  He can either live in burrows or he can dig himself a snow tunnel for shelter.  He will eat either rodents, fish, birds or vegetables.  Sometimes he will even trail a polar bear and eat his leftovers for dinner.

Arctic Fox in the Snow


A Few Facts about the Arctic Fox

  • Weight: 6 - 15 lbs
  • Height: 10 - 13 in.
  • Lifespan: 5 - 10 years
  • Lives in: the entire Arctic including Russia, Quebec, Canada, Alaska and Greenland
  • The only member of the dog family whose coat changes color
  • The Arctic Fox is the only native land mammal to Iceland

The Arctic Foxes Coat

The Arctic Fox has the warmest coat of any mammal.  There are other animals that have more hair, but it is not as warm as the Arctic Fox.

This coat serves the Arctic Fox well since he lives in extremely cold places like the tundra along the Arctic Ocean.  In the winter, they are known to inhabit the frozen sea where they can survive by eating fish and sea birds.

Note of warning about the video:  This video does show some graphic images of Polar Bear and Arctic Fox hunting / eating in the wild.  However, you can see the Arctic Foxes seasonal coat colors.

Learn More about the Arctic Fox

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  1. What a beautiful animal. I think this is the first time I've seen an Arctic Fox. I recently visited our local Wildlife Center here in Coastal Georgia where they have animals native to Georgia and saw a Red Fox. His handler was in the wildlife area with him and they were playing with a Frisbee just like a dog plays. I found it amazing.

  2. The Arctic Fox is such a beautiful animal. But his ability to adapt to his surroundings is the most fascinating part. I will always marvel at how wonderful nature is. Thanks for sharing such good info about all the wild animals.


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