Bontebok Antelope

Once listed as "vulnerable" due to over-hunting and habitat loss, the Bontebok Antelope is now listed among the "least concern".  In large part, that is due to a farmer, Alexander van der Bijl,  who gave it sanctuary when it was near extinction back in 1864.  While it still has a small range area to live, the Bontebok Antelope does seem to be thriving now.  This truly is an excellent example of what one concerned individual can do that makes a huge difference for endangered animals.

As a note of interest,  there were only 17 remaining Bontebok Antelopes when the farmer provided a sanctuary and saved the species from extinction.  In the 1930's, a national park was declared solely to conserve them.

The Bontebok Antelope can be easily identified by the pure white patch on his rump that other similar looking antelopes do not have. 

 Facts About the Bontebok Antelope

  • Considered a medium-sized Antelope
  • Beautiful rich brown color with prominent white markings
  • Both Males & Females have "ringed" lyre-shaped horns that grow up to 20" long
  • Height Measurement at the shoulder - Up to 3¼ feet
  • Weighs up to 340 lbs
  • Body Length - Up to 7 feet
  • Tail can add an additional 2 feet
  • Region:  South Africa and Lesotho & Namibia of southern Africa
  • Food:  Grass 
  • They can go for several days without water
  • Not good jumpers like other antelope (that is actually how the farmer were able to keep them in an enclosure, thereby saving the species)
  • Bontebok Antelopes run in herds
  • Lifespan:  17 years
  • Endangered Status:  Least Concern

The Afrikaans word "bontebok" literally translated, means patchwork buck.   I find it very interesting that baby Bontebok are light brown (see the photo below).  You can barely see the white patches. 

Bontebok Antelopes with Baby (close-up of baby to see tiny horns)

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  1. Such a beautiful creature. So glad to hear that someone cared enough to save these antelopes from distinction.

    1. That's EXtinction, I meant to say. They are 'distinctive' though. LOL.

  2. Yeah! Sometimes life DOES work! Gorgeous animals.

  3. Well aren't they gorgeous! I enjoyed the details about them, they're a good size for sure. Lovely


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