West African Crowned Crane

West African Crowned Crane Face
West African Crowned Crane - Balearica pavonina
The coloring on animals is always so fascinating!  Take a close look at the face on this West African Crowned Crane.  The pinkest red patch on his face is the perfect accent to set off his lovely eyes.  His head is topped with a golden crown of feathers.

The golden crown is even more stunning when you see the lush grey feathers covering his body.  Such perfection looks painted, yet this photo is untouched.

The stand of the crown, the color of the eyes and the lay of his feathers are exactly as God created him.

West African Crowned Crane

West African Crowned Cranes

Like all cranes, the West African Crowned Crane has the long slender neck that makes them so easy to classify as cranes.  However, he stands apart from other cranes in one very distinct way.  He is the only crane can roost in trees. 
West African Crowned Cranes 
More Facts About the West African Crowned Crane

  • Also known as Black-crowned Crane
  • Height:  32" - 36" 
  • Weight:  Approx. 8 lbs
  • Diet:  Plants, Insects, Rice, Grain, Reptiles & Fish
  • Lifespan:  20 yrs. in the wild - 60 yrs in captivity
  • Mate for Life
    (if successful in breeding.  The will change mates if no babies are born after the first breeding season together)
  • Region:  West Africa  - Specifically in the marshy areas.  Along the shores of lakes & ponds.
  • National Bird of Nigeria
  • Status:  Vulnerable
Like so many animals today, the West African Crowned Crane is on the endangered species list.  In addition to the natural threats of predators like snakes and birds of prey, the encroachment of humans into their habitat and pollution of their water has played a large part in their decreased population.  Sadly for the Black-crowned crane, they are at even greater risk because they are captured and sold to bird collectors.

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