Bald Eagle

 Bald Eagle Photo by Cynthia Sylvestermouse
A Bald Eagle is one of the recognizable birds in the world.  His proud and majestic stance exudes power.
His menacing glare strikes fear in any creature and naturally warns to not get any closer.

The Bald Eagle most often feeds on live prey including cranes, seagulls and ducks.  He also feasts on fish, salmon and snakes.  He swoops down and catches them in his powerful talons.  Because the Bald Eagle is an opportunist, he will also dine on dead fish, animals or even on carcasses left behind by other carnivores. 

Because eyes attract eyes, we automatically look to another mammals face first, but take a moment to really look at the overall beauty of the Bald Eagle.  From his pure white head feathers to his white tail feathers, his bird is gorgeous.  

Facts About the Bald Eagle

As with any animal, there are some truly fascinating things to learn about the Bald Eagle.  For instance, they build the largest tree nest of any animal.  It is built of sticks and twigs and situated close to water, which is, of course, the very best hunting ground.

Bald Eagle Photo by Cynthia Sylvestermouse
  • Body Length:  up to 3½ feet
  • Wingspan:  up to 7½ feet 
  • Size differs in various states with the largest in Alaska and the smaller in the Southern states of the US (based on proximity to Equator)
  • White head, white tail feathers, dark brown body 
  • Fast Flyer with speeds up to 45 mph
  • Dive Speed 99 mph
  • Builds the largest tree nests of any animal species
  • Females are bigger than males
  • Bald Eagles Mate for Life
  • Average Lifespan in the Wild:  20 years
  • Lifespan in Captivity:  Oldest reported - 50 years
  • National Bird of the United States of America
  • National Animal of the USA
  • Previously an Endangered Species, now considered Least Concern

Bald Eagle photo by Sylvestermouse

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  1. Wonderful article about the Bald Eagle. You think you know all about something, then read a summary of facts and learn SO much more than you ever knew before. Fascinating! I knew, of course, that the Bald Eagle was our national bird, but I didn't know they had such a long life span or had such a varied diet. Really interesting factual article and these gorgeous photos really show off this beautiful bird.


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