Hippopotamus Facts and Photos
I caught this couple of hippos lazing around basking in the sun one cool March afternoon.  Normally, they prefer to stay in the water.

I admit, I am fascinated by the hippopotamus.  Such a large creature supported on tiny, short legs.  Plus, they only eat grass and plant food, yet they are enormous in size.

Because a hippo can stay underwater for up to 30 minutes, you might not even realize one is beneath the surface of the water.

Hippopotamus Facts

Most often we see the hippopotamus peeking just above the surface of the water, like the one shown below.  It might appear to be a sinister act, but in fact that is simply their way of staying cool.  The water also allows them to take the weight off of their little legs.

Facts about Hippopotamus

Like many wild animals, hippopotamus are territorial.  The males will defend their area from other males.  This is a natural survival instinct for the hippo.  Because they claim territories along river banks near reeds or grasslands, their territory is also their source of food.

Also like many wild animals, the female hippo is extremely protective of her babies.  She will attack anything that gets near them. 

Because of their territorial, defensive traits, coupled with their size, some consider hippos to be among the most dangerous of all African mammals.  They have no desire to eat meat, but they will bite intruders to death.  

Hippos are not going to be hunting you, so it really is best to just leave them alone.  My photos may be clear and appear up close, but I use a long range camera lens to photograph hippos and other dangerous creatures.

  • Size:  6 to 16.5 feet
  • Weight:  2000 lbs - 9,900 lbs
  • Life Expectancy:  Up to 40 years
  • Food:  Grass and low growing plants
  • The eat in the cooler parts of the day, usually at dusk
  • Babies:  Usually only one at a time, every 3 or 4 years
  • Habitat:  Deep Water near grasslands or reeds
  • Region:  Sub-Sahara, Africa

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  1. Now I know that I'm related to the hippo in more ways than one......I also use the water to take pressure off my legs...lol. Thanks for the information on hippos, I learned something new again today!


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