Fishing Cat
The Fishing Cat may resemble a domestic cat at first glance, but he is a wild cat found near the lakes and swamp areas of South-east Asia and Southern India.  He thrives in the marshy thickets and coastal creeks where food is readily available.

He is called a Fishing Cat because he is remarkably skilled at fishing.  The Fishing Cat lightly taps the water surface mimicking an insect.  The fish underwater thinks he is about to dine on a fabulous feast, when in fact, he is about to become a fabulous feast for the Fishing Cat.

Note how he concentrates so fully on his prey in the photo.  He is watching it's movement and patiently waiting for just the right moment.

If you look closely at the photo, you will see the ripples in the water and his raised paw where he has just lightly tipped the surface.  Unfortunately, when he heard the sound of my camera shutter, he took off like, well, a wild cat!  I do hate that I cost him his meal.  But, I am ever so grateful for these lovely photos.

Facts About the Fishing Cat

  • Size:  larger than a domestic cat at 30 - 45" body length, height - 16"
  • Weight:  17 to 34 pounds
  • Muscular build 
  • Front paws are partially webbed
  • Diet includes fish, snails, snakes, small mammals and birds
  • Extraordinary swimmer, even underwater
  • Uses tail as a rudder to control swimming direction
  • Layers of fur with short dense fur close to skin that insulates his body.  Even water cannot penetrate his fur
  • Primarily nocturnal  
  • Life Expectancy:  Up to 12 years
  • Vulnerable Status

How the Fishing Cat Fishes

Not only does the Fishing Cat draw his prey to the surface so he can scoop the fish from the water, but he will also dive for his dinner.  If he wants a floating bird, he will dive, swim under the resting fowl, and come up from underneath to capture his prey.

Fishing Cat Video - Mother & Kitten 

Because I did not capture a full body photo of the Fishing Cat, I sought out a video so you could see the how gorgeous this wild cat really is.  I immediately fell in love with this kitten.  


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  1. Wow, that is one heck of a beautiful cat. Love his fishing abilities. Thanks for introducing us!

  2. This is my first introduction to a cat that LIKES water! This Fishing Cat is an amazing creature and it's delightful to learn about them. Previous to reading this article, I was only familiar with the Scottish Wild Cat.

    It's too bad this Fishing Cat is native to only Asia and India. He'd love 'fishing' in the marshy thickets and coastal creeks of my area Coastal Georgia. We have plenty of areas filled with fish!

  3. Fascinating the way the fishing cat catches fish! He's beautiful, too. Love the video - kittens are kittens no matter the specifics of the species, aren't they?

    1. Yes, indeed! I loved watching the baby swat at the momma's tail. Playful kittens are always precious.

  4. Is this ever interesting. I'd never heard of the fishing cat before. Thanks for sharing this with us. The kitten is just adorable!


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