Pink Dolphins

Pink Dolphins Really Do Exist!
Pink Dolphins may be rare, but they really do exist!  Not only do they really exist, but there are several different types of pink dolphins.

Pink Bottlenose Dolphins are actually albino dolphins, but they are commonly referred to as pink dolphins simply because they are often pink.  The pink Bottlenose Dolphin is extremely rare.

Amazon River Dolphins and Chinese White Dolphins are also commonly referred to as pink dolphins.  I have included facts on all three species here so you can easily compare them, plus see photos of each one.

Let's Start with the Rare Pink Bottlenose Dolphin Shown Here

This photo was taken in 2007 by Capt. Erik Rue, a charter boat captain from Lake Charles Louisiana, when he spotted this little beauty in Calcasieu Lake in Southwestern Louisiana.  Capt. Erik Rue's Calcasieu Charter Service notes on their website that there was a sighting of the pink dolphin as recently as 9/2016.

According to Capt Rue, the pink Bottlenose Dolphin appeared to be a "youngster traveling with mama."

This is an amazing shot!  You can even see the dolphins pink eye!  It really makes me want to run right on down to Lake Charles, Louisiana and book my charter with Capt. Rue in the hopes of seeing this sweetie!

View Additional Photos of this Pink Bottlenose Dolphin or Book Your Charter

Latest Update on Pinky, the rare pink dolphin in the Louisiana waters:

When Pinky was sighted in September of 2015, there was speculation that she may be pregnant. When and if this is confirmed, I will let you know.
Thank you Wednesday Elf for reporting that Sept sighting to me so I could add this update.

According to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration), there have only been 14 recorded sightings of albino bottlenose dolphins throughout the world, since the first reported sighting in 1962.

Pink Bottlenose Dolphins are Rare, 

but Bottlenose Dolphins are Not Rare

This is the Bottlenose Dolphin You will Most Often See
 Bottlenose Dolphin Swimming by Reinhard Dirscherl - Available at
 Bottlenose Dolphin Swimming by Reinhard Dirscherl - Available at


Facts about All Bottlenose Dolphins

(The Facts are the Same for Either Pink or Grey Dolphins)

One of the Most Intelligent Mammals on Earth!

  • Normal Adult Color:  Varying Colors of Grey depending on the Species
  • Weight:  Up to 1400 lbs
  • Length:  Up to 12'
  • Beak:  Short and Stubby thus "Bottlenose"
  • Dorsal Fin:  High and Curved
  • Average Lifespan:  Up to 40 years
  • Hearing:  Excellent
  • Eyesight:  Good to Excellent
  • Food:  Crustaceans, small Fish and Squid
  • Gestation Period:  12 months
  • Can remain Underwater up to 20 minutes
  • Occasionally closes One Eye during Sleep cycle
  • Lives:  Worldwide
  • They can frequently be seen in bays, harbors, lagoons, estuaries, and river mouths.  Because of this, scientist believe there are two ecotypes:  a coastal form and an offshore form.

Get Your Own Pink Dolphin

Beautifully Crocheted by our Own Wednesday Elf!

Pink Bottlenose Dolphin Available from CoastalCrochetCrafts on Etsy
On Sept. 12, 2012, I received a very special email from a fabulous crochet expert, Wednesday Elf!

This is a direct quote from that email. "I wanted to thank you for your Pink Dolphin article which gave me the terrific idea to create one in crochet."

Wednesday Elf's pink dolphin is absolutely adorable and she has been kind enough to offer it for sale on Etsy.

Now, we can all have our very own Pink Dolphin to hug!

Thank you Pat aka Wednesday_Elf!
Your pink dolphin is totally precious!

Wild Pink Amazon River Dolphin 

Often Referred to as a Pink Dolphin - Portuguese name in Brazil is "boutu vermelho" which literally means red dolphin

 Brazil, Amazonas, Rio Tapajos Freshwater pink Amazon dolphin by Cindy Miller Hopkins / Danita Delimont Canvas Art Wall Picture, Museum Wrapped with Black Sides, 18 x 12 inches - Available on

Facts About the Amazon River Dolphin is Often a Pink Dolphin

Largest River Dolphin

  • Fresh Water River Dolphin
  • Neck can bend 90 degrees to it's Body sideways or downward
  • Adult Color: Shocking Pink, as it continues to age, skin turns white with a bluish-gray cast
  • Juvenile Color: Upper Portion of Body ~ Dark Gray
  • Weight: Up to 350 lbs
  • Length: Up to 9'
  • Teeth: Up to 100 teeth
  • Dorsal Fin: They have a Hump on their Back Instead of a dorsal fin
  • Hearing: Excellent
  • Eyesight: Good
  • Sense of Touch: Stiff Hairs on the Beak believed to provide Touch Sense
  • Food: Crabs, Crustaceans, small Turtles, Catfish, Piranhas, and other fish
  • Gestation Period: 9 - 12 months
  • Lives in: Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela.
  • Does Not Adapt well to Captivity
  • Threat Status: Listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of the Nature

Chinese White Dolphin

A beloved treasure of the China affectionately called "mermaid, "aquatic panda" or even "Macau fish" after the local marine goddess "Macau."

The Chinese White Dolphin was chosen as the mascot by the Hong Kong government during re-unification.

Pink Dolphin
By user:takoradee (Own work)  CC-BY-SA-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Facts About the Chinese White Dolphin

  • Adult Color: White or Pink
  • Color at Birth: Black
  • Juvenile Color: Spotted Grey
  • Average Lifespan: 40 years
  • Weight: Up to 500 lbs.
  • Length: Up to 11 1/2'
  • Teeth: 125 - 135 teeth line jaw
  • Swallows their Food without Chewing
  • Highly Intelligent
  • Food: Fish
  • Adult Dolphin can Stay Underwater: Up to 8 minutes
  • Personality: Very Sociable
  • Gestation Period: 10 months for mother dolphin to give birth and only 1 at a time
  • Lives in: Subtropical estuaries where salt and fresh water mix, including the pacific coast of southeast of Asia. the northern coast of Australia, the India ocean coast of Africa,
  • Threat Status: Protected in Hong Kong and China
  • Listed in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) Appendix I. Appendix I includes species threatened with extinction. Trade in specimens of these species is permitted only in exceptional circumstances.

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  1. I love coming to this site. You always find the most interesting animals that we've never heard of or seen. Pink, blue and white dolphins ... rare beauties, but certainly not surprising with how God does things.

  2. This has long been one of my favorite articles. It was so fascinating to learn that there are actually 'pink' dolphins in the world and it gave me the idea to create one in plush crochet. I thank you for featuring my crochet creation in this wonderful story.


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