Gray Wolves

For over 40 years, the gray wolf has been on the endangered species list. Prior to that time, they were hunted to near extinction as humans found themselves in conflict with them, not because Gray Wolves attack humans, but because they kill livestock.

Gray wolves almost never attack humans. In North America, no human has ever been killed by a healthy wolf.

Facts About Gray Wolves

Gray Wolves are canines and when observing them you will find that their mannerisms and interactions with one another closely resemble domestic dogs. They growl, snarl, whimper, jump and dance around each other in play, and sometimes even bark.

Of course, we all recognize the plaintive howl of the Gray Wolf. I have often wondered if it is more of a wolf lament to a higher power about the injustices of this world.  

Unlike domestic dogs, a Gray Wolf's life expectancy is only 7 - 8 years in the wild and is only increased to a 10 year life expectancy in captivity.

The Beauty in the Photos

The beauty in the picture is part of the pack at the Memphis Zoo. She lives with her brother and sisters. Shiloh is smaller than her siblings and tends to be a bit more of a loner than the rest of the group. She exudes a graceful elegance. That quality alone sets are apart for the others.
Even though she is clearly fair haired, when I visit her, I am reminded of the words of the poet, Lord Byron, “She walks in beauty like the night. Of cloudless climes and starry skies; And all that 's best of dark and bright, Meet in her aspect and her eyes:”

The Gray Wolf Today

At the time of the publishing this article, the Gray Wolf is still listed on the US Fish & Wildlife Services Endangered Species List.
However, largely due to conservation efforts and to their protected status, the Gray Wolf is making a strong come back. Although they were almost completely wiped out, Gray Wolves are now thriving and may soon be taken off the endangered species list.

More About Gray Wolves

The Entire Endangered Species Collection of Ornaments can be viewed at: Endangered Species Ornaments  

It is important to teach our children about animals. The endangered animals survival will depend on the generations following us and their understanding of the importance of preservation of life.  

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  1. It is good to hear that efforts to save the gray wolf have brought us to the point of them maybe soon being removed from the endangered species list.

  2. Obviously, I agree Ruth! I see both sides of that ongoing "discussion" about their continued endangered status. I would be hard pressed to remove them from their protected status, but I certainly rejoice anytime an animal is recovered to the point that there must be a debate about whether to leave them or remove them from that list :)

  3. I've sent numerous letters to representatives in different states (especially Alaska) on behalf of wolves. They are so beautiful and deserve to be protected.


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