The Beautiful Bengal Tiger

When we observe the Bengal Tiger in any zoo, it is hard to believe the Bengal Tiger is actually endangered.  

Because most of us grew up with the Bengal Tiger being a standard addition to every zoo, we assume they are vast in numbers. However, that is simply not true.  

There are less than 2500 in the wild. The number of Bengal TIgers in captivity, or owned privately, actually exceeds the number still living free.  

Where Can You Find Wild Bengal Tigers

Bengal Tigers are found in the wild primarily in India where, in spite of their efforts to protect the Bengal Tiger, these big cats have been put at risk by poachers, as well as the ever expanding encroachment on their domain. 

You may also see a small number of Bengal Tigers in Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Myanmar or Nepal.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tigers are called "big cats" for a really good reason. A mature Bengal Tiger can be up to 10 feet long and weigh as much as 550 lbs. 

While he cannot run as fast as the Cheetah, he can leap more than 30 feet in length. Clearly, a formidable foe against any other animal. 

The Bengal Tiger has retractable claws which allows them to stay sharp, not getting worn down or dulled by walking, pacing or running. I grew up hearing the phrase, "beware when their claws come out!" That is most literally true when referencing the Bengal Tiger. 

The Life of a Bengal Tiger

The life expectancy of a wild Bengal Tiger is 15 yrs., however that increases to 20 plus years in captivity.
As you have probably already assessed when visiting a zoo, the Bengal Tiger has exceptional hearing! What you may not have realized, since visiting the zoo is a daytime activity, is that the Bengal Tiger also possesses incredible night vision. 

These two heightened and acute senses make them fantastic hunters. They will definitely hear and see you long before you know they are anywhere near.  

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Yes, the Featured White Tiger is also a Bengal Tiger!

Bengal Tiger Strips 

The black strips on a Bengal Tiger make him easily recognizable, if you desire to get close enough. Like human finger prints, no two tigers bare the exact same strips or markings. Their strips are beautifully unique to each individual.   

Their strips also serve as an excellent camouflage, which is another reason why you might just not see them before it is too late.  

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  1. What a magnificent cat! It's so sad that they have a hard time in their natural habitat, and so many only have a good chance at survival in zoos. Thanks for sharing there interesting facts about the Bengal Tiger.


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